About Us

In the heart of a bustling family of five, Meera, a woman brimming with creativity, wove intricate jewellery pieces that emanated love. As a loving mother, she started by making jewellery for her daughter, Ishika who was pursuing her dreams in another city. To fill the void of distance through her artistry, she proudly introduced 'ISHQUE.'

It wasn't just a brand; it was a vessel of love, a conduit of joy. Each piece they crafted held a piece of their hearts, ready to be shared with yours. With every gem they set, they aimed to spread a little more love and a little more light.

As ISHQUE flourished, it became a beacon of their devotion, lighting up lives worldwide. They learned that turning love into art doesn't diminish its essence; it only amplifies its radiance.

In this remarkable journey, ISHQUE emerged as a symbol of love, creativity, and timeless beauty, connecting hearts and illuminating lives through every exquisite piece.

Message From CEO

At Ishque, we don't just create jewelry; we craft moments that become cherished memories. Each piece of our jewelry represents a unique story, a symbol of elegance, empowerment, and self-expression. Our commitment to redefining the world of semi-precious jewelry is a collective effort, and it's your dedication and passion that make it possible.

- Meera Agarwal


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